About M. M. Talaqi

M.M. Talaqi Intíl. is one of the largest and most experienced owners and operators of outdoor advertising structures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By combining innovation, high-quality products and strategic growth, we have been meeting the challenges of helping advertisers to successfully reach their target audiences since 1977 M.M. Talaqi International has been a leading innovator of equipment for the sign and graphic communication industry. Beginning with pen plotters in the early 1977s, and later evolving into vinyl cutting plotters and wide format printers.

M.M. Talaqi Intíl. business strategy is to be the premier provider of outdoor advertising in each of the markets it serves. Our talented design staff uses state-of-the-art technology to help our advertisers prepare creative, eye-catching displays. We can also help with the strategic placement of advertisements throughout an advertiser's market by using software that allows us to analyze the target audience and its demographics. From concept to completion, M.M. Talaqi Intíl. delivers both the choices and the support that allow advertisers to deliver their messages with maximum impact.